Discipleship Dictionary

Discipleship Dictionary


The Church is God’s People (who we are) saved by God’s Power (what He has done and is doing) for God’s Purposes (the good works He created us in Jesus Christ to do) -

The Church is the entire Body of Christ - not just a building, service team, worship service, or an individual local church. - Tony Edwards

Covenant Discipleship:

Based on John Wesley’s Bands and Classes, Covenant Discipleship Groups develop a group covenant and meet weekly to hold one another accountable to the General Rule of Discipleship and individual commitments to works of devotion and compassion as well as collective commitments to justice and worship. - Tony Edwards

Disciple: A disciple is one who worships Jesus, is being changed by Jesus, obeys Jesus and teaches others to do the same -

A disciple surrenders every area of life to the Great Commission and makes one’s entire life an act of worship and service to God and God’s people.  The mission field includes on…

Your LinkedIn Profile Checklist

Use this list to get your LinkedIn profile ready.  The more informative your profile, the easier it will be for employers to find you.

IntroFirst NameLast Name (add degree and certificate abbreviations after your last name)Headline (Your current title or value proposition statement)Current Position (title)Education (default is most recent institution attended)CountryZip CodeLocations within this area (Dallas Fort Worth area, Fort Worth, etc.)Industry (think broadly about what you do)Summary (include keywords that will help potential employers understand what you do and find you more easily)Media (links or uploads of your work, assignments, or projects)Your Articles & ActivityLinkedIn Articles (reflections on your work, assignments, or projects)Respond to others' articlesLinkedIn Posts (talk about leadership or work-related happenings at work or school)Respond to others' postsExperienceWorkInternshipsEducationDegreesCertificate programsVolunteer ExperienceService projectsSk…

Social Media Discipleship: 4 Tips for Creating Content People Will Share

Who are you trying to reach with your church's social media posts? Members? Future members? Both?  While you can use the same accounts to communicate with different audiences, you might consider creating different accounts to communicate with people at different stages of the discipleship journey.  For example, with Facebook you could have an inward-facing Facebook group focused on helping members grow as disciples.  You could then use your church Facebook page to focus on the people in your community outside your church.

From a discipleship perspective, church leaders should help members grow their evangelism.  One way to do this is through social media.  Your members likely want to share your posts, but may feel that they only appeal to members or may be more preachy than their friends can handle at the moment.  Many of your members and their friends probably face challenges.  As a church you could share content that can help them overcome those challenges.  Better yet, you coul…

25 Ways to Share Your Witness within Your Sphere of Influence

Believe it or not, I don't think you need to shout from the rooftops or make all your friends feel awkward or ashamed to be an effective evangelist.  In many ways, I think evangelism is very similar to marketing. Not in the sense that we treat church like a business or people like customers, but I do think we can all more effectively communicate the message of Jesus Christ.  If done right, you can communicated a way that makes people want to ask you questions to learn about God rather than telling people who aren't ready or have no interest yet.  You can also grow  in your witness by starting within your sphere of influence and then expanding your sphere of influence.

Witnessing to Yourself  Recite Scripture dailyRecite affirmations daily Witnessing To Your Spouse Pray in front of your spouseRead the Bible in front of your spouse Talking about your faith with your spouseEncourage your spouse to prayEncourage your spouse to read the BibleEncourage your spouse to discover his or …

30 Ways to Use Social Media in K-12 Classrooms, Schools, and Districts

Want to start using social media in your classroom, school, or district, but not sure where to start?  Here are some suggestions you can use to get started.  Pick a few items from the lists and add items as you gain confidence.  I've included tips for teachers, principals, superintendents, and other educational leaders.

What Carnival Cruise Lines Can Teach You About Content Marketing

Carnival Cruise Lines will debut three different television shows on three different networks in October 2016.  Here are some strategies content marketers can employ based on these new TV shows.

7 Ways the Telemedicine Industry Can Learn From Online Education

Telemedicine companies like Teledoc are disrupting the traditional patient experience.  Here are some examples of how online education could provide a way forward for telemedicine.